About KFN Catering

KFN aims to serve a refreshing choice of delicious fresh food in inspiring and customized ways to the KIS community.

KFN has developed a reputation for fresh food, innovation and a personalized service. As such KFN has been honored with a Hospitality Assured Award. KFN are geared to provide the best possible catering service and value for money to all its customers.

Fresh food

KFN only buy the best. KFN insist on maximum freshness and have built up a reliable network of approved and trusted suppliers.

Fresh ideas

KFN chefs are hand-chosen professionals, cooking to the highest standards and offering an ever-evolving menu selection.

Fresh approach

KFN nurtures and values a close working relationship with the KIS community. KFN welcomes sharing and developing new ideas, concepts and feedback for the benefit of one and all .