1. This is a Temporary Covid-19 Protocol Meal Plan. When the School returns to standard protocols, Cafeteria will review lunch program policy.
  2. Students 2-6 y.o. only Monthly Lunch Program available (Classroom delivery). All students (from 7 years old and up) and teachers have possibility to buy Monthly or Daily Lunch Program.
  3. Monthly payments must be done by the 25th the month before. If the payment is not complete on time, we can not deliver your order.
  4. The payment is made in UAH. Monthly payments must be done via bank transfer.
  5. No cash payment available in KIS. Daily Lunch should be paid with KFN Debit Card only. Daily Prices will be on display in our Cafeteria and Snack Bar. To charge KFN Debit Card please use bank transfer or Cash Terminal (school Cafeteria). Due to Covid-19 Protocol to minimize contacts bank transfer is recommended.
  6. If your child has a special diet it’s necessary to coordinate the diet requirements for your child with the Cafeteria manager. Not all kind of Diets are possible to provide at the moment.
  7. In case of closing the School KFN will refund prepaid money as a credit to the next school period minus 3 days.
  8. If the child is absent you can cancel that day’s lunch if you inform KFN administration in writing before 8:30 sending sms:
    +380503117187 or e-mail: Recalculation of lunch payment is made in that case. This rule applies for monthly subscriptions only.
  9. Buffet and Salad Bar are not allowed due to the currently situation.

If you have any other questions, please contact the KFN Cafeteria Manager,
call +38044 4522997; +38 050 311 71 87 or e-mail: